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Initially founded in 1999 as a franchise of a nationally known janitorial service provider, Weeks Maintenance Systems has grown to become a full service maintenance solutions company for commercial properties.

When asked about the success we have experienced, the founder is quick to say that “relationships are everything.” And it is upon that foundation that all our subsequent activities are built. More than simply wanting to perform a service and be fairly compensated for that service, we want to be invited back.
We want to be your first thought regarding any maintenance need you may encounter.We believe in providing a solid value for the dollar spent and make every effort to insure that the customer is satisfied at the time of completion of each project. Allow us the opportunity to earn your respect by partnering with you to be the solution to your maintenance challenges.

We offer a variety of services designed to make Weeks Maintenance Systems your one-call solutions company. Please feel free to ask about any specific challenges you may face. Our team of professionals can tailor a solution to your needs. time and under budget.

The Floor Doctor is an affiliate of Weeks Maintenance Systems, and specializes specifically in rug and carpet cleaining. The mission of the Floor doctor is to provide both residential and commercial custoemrs with dependable and efficient floor cleaning services. We pride ourseleves in our ability to fulfill any request presented to us no matter the size of the building, or how critical the issue may be

Cleaning Services

  • Janitorial

    * We can design a program of janitorial services to meet your needs and budget.
      Once weekly to nightly is no problem. Our uniformed and fully trained cleaning staff perform
      according to specifications designed especially for you and your particular facility.

  • Minor Plumbing

    * For smaller bathroom or kitchen drain issues, Weeks Maintenance would be happy
      to provide light plumbing and clogging issues.

  • Pressure Washing

    * For commercial facilities, and sturdy brick homes, Weeks Maintenance provdies highly sufficient
      pressure washing services.

  • Painting and Remodeling

    * Our Project Manager has over 35 years of experience in commercial and residential painting and remodeling.
      Allow us to suggest changes to your current floor plan to maximize your use of available office space,
     convert unused office space into useable storage space, or just make a few changes to “spiff up the place”

  • Minor Electrical Install
  • Commercial and Site Maintenance

    * We are able to design a program for your property that can include anything from patrolling your
      property on a schedule you design to on-site security for after hours.
      Maybe you need someone to replace worn out ballasts, burned out lighting, replace old ugly toilets and sinks in your restroom areas.
      Give us the opportunity to give your work space a needed face lift. Estimates and consultations are done at no charge or obligation.

Here at Weeks Maintenance Systems, we pride ourselves on being your one stop shot for a variety of commercial and residential cleaning services. We take pride in having the knowledge, experience, and staff to be able to ensure satisfaction in the previously listed areas. Because of its affiliation with The Floor Doctor, Weeks Maintenance Systems can also provide highly valued services in the following areas.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Water Damage
  • Scotch Guard
  • Shampoo
  • Odor Issue

Specialized Industries

The cleaning services provided by Weeks Maintenance Systems and associate companies cover any commercial or residential envrionment. Here are just a few samples of industries we are most experienced in

Banking Industry

The banking industry is competitive and intense, and customer relations is of high importance. Weeks Maintenance Systems understands this atmosphere and how characteristics as professionally maintained banking facility are critical.

Weeks Maintenance Systems take pride in serving our banking clients. We service multiple financial centers locallly in Atlanta, GA ranging from some of the top 5 financial institutes right down to the neighborhood bank. The Weeks Maintenance brand has developed an image of Best in Class Service to all banking facilities of all sizes.

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Requested Services

  Site Maintenance
  Painting And Remodeling
  Pressure Washing
  Stain Removal
  Minor Plumbing
  Carpet Cleaning
  Scotch Guard
  Water Damage
  Odor Issue

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